Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 30 :: SELFIE :: #30in30 Painting a Day Challenge

by Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 6x6"

Last night there was a comment on my Facebook post mentioning a grand finale to this Septmeber daily painting challenge. I had a hard time sleeping after reading that. While I had always thought the last day of #30in30 would be simply another painting, I realized it was a chance to really try something different.

When I'd wonder aloud what I should paint for subjects, I would often hear self portrait as an option. It's not my first, but I hadn't done one in quite a long time.

At times I look at this painting and see me. Other times I look at it and see someone with a big chin. Whether or not it looks the way I wanted, I'm quite happy with it. The marks, the texture, the lighting, and the temperature all feel good to me. It's only with practice that I'll feel more confident about my figure painting.

"Selfie" speaks to the purpose of this whole challenge, and that was to be vulnerable. It's in that strong place of vulnerability that growth happens. Now that September is through, and I've painted every single day of it, I know that I've grown as an artist.

What comes next? Do I keep going? I keep going but with a new focus? Ack!

Thanks for reading and for staying with me during these past 30 days. It's been great! -kmw

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