Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three pastel studies

Here are three pastels I did recently. All are small, approximately 5x5", and all have a sort of overcast feel to them. 
original pastel by Kim Morin Weineck
5x5" (c) 2012

I created these small studies to experiment with using new lower chroma colors and to play with the intensity of the colors in the pictorial space. 

original pastel by Kim Morin Weineck
5x5" (c) 2012

Mind you, these foggy, quirky light source pieces are a bugger to photograph. In person they read much better. Photographing my pieces is something I'm constantly working to improve. 

original pastel by Kim Morin Weineck
5x5" (c) 2012

Making these paintings was a fun exercise, and, as ever when I push myself, I learned a lot. 

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Continuing education :: pastel workshop with Deb Quinn-Munson

Last weekend I took a workshop organized by the Foxboro Art Association which featured Deb Quinn-Munson. The focus was on underpainting options for pastels and Deb demonstrated with an oil underpainting - something I had never tried and now just LOVE to do!

My new pastel box filled with all my pastels.
Can you tell I'm a landscape painter?
Look at all the blues and greens!

Deb's workshop and this jolt of warm weather was just the shot in the arm I needed to get my creative house in order. 

Here Deb Quinn-Munson is demonstrating underpainting with oils. Gorgeous effects!

For my birthday, I decided this Heilman backpack box was just the thing I needed to organize all my pastel sticks. It came in yesterday and was filled immediately. Today I can't wait to use it!

You can tell I like my pastels all organized like this.
Here they are in the dining room just so I could look at them. 

Here is the pastel I completed during the workshop. There are particular passages I thought were successful. 

My pastel from the workshop.
My first pastel (and not my last) with an oil underpainting!

Throughout the workshop, Deb offered numerous adages about painting. My favorite, by far, was this:
Color gets all the glory. Value does all the work. My artist friends will attest that it's so true. 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nearly springtime!

Spring is on its way and I'm obsessed with the change of seasons, especially as we seem to be getting a burst of warmth sooner than usual.

Kitchen windowsill still life with daffodils
Winter drags me down and with spring I feel a new lift.

oil painting study of Sunflowers
(c)2012 Kim Morin Weineck 4x4"
Will revisit this one! 

In celebration of spring's imminent arrival next week, I've been setting up small still lifes all over my house.

Still life of kitchen veggies with my happy striped paper straws

Each one looks to me like a wee painting.

Delft and daffodils

 We'll see if I can get time to paint any of them, although probably not. I am too fussy about all the stuff in the background.

Pippa at the sandbox
The girls have been so wonderful to watch playing together in the yard. It was 70 degrees late last week and I put out all the outdoor furniture. Ahhhh, springtime!

Pippa and Lucy at the sandbox yesterday
Thanks for reading! Happy nearly Spring!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two entries two ribbons!

At the Foxboro Art Association Spring Show I am delighted that I won two (!) ribbons.

original pastel by Kim Morin Weineck
6x6" (c) 2012
Both were Honorable Mention and in a field as strong as this show was, all I can say is: Whooo hoooo!

original oil by Kim Morin Weineck
8x8" (c) 2012
My entries to this show were small paintings, one in oil and one in pastel. Small paintings are such fun to do.

I'm not sure who took this photo of the FAA reception, but
Tim and I are having a great time before running off
to get changed for the next reception and dinner!
Later this busy night of two art openings, Tim and I went to see the Norfolk Cultural Council show. Silly me didn't take photos of the show, but I did ask a friend, Ann Gorbett (she took 2nd place oils in the FAA show!), to take a photo of us.

Tim and I all dressed up, albeit a bit stiff looking. 

Tim and I were all dressed up for a night out in town to celebrate my birthday. We had such fun - and it's lovely to feel pretty every once in a while.

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