Saturday, June 25, 2011

My girls like to paint

Lucy and Pippa enjoy painting, and that warms my heart.

Recently the two had some watercolor time at the dining room table. We were working on a project for something-or-other.

Pippa hadn't painted before. She loved it. Very intense is our little Pippa.

Lucy has shown an aptitude for art since she was a wee bird. She drew this family illustration on the magnetic doodle board a while back. Isn't it cute that Tim took a picture of it? I thought so.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Up my alley

Yesterday the Garnet Hill catalog arrived with the day's mail. The cover is a delight.

A tray of pastels! How excellent is that? I can see this idea in use for a future mailing or some marketing such-and-such. Of course, they sell clothing and housewares and not the pastels which, after seeing this I had a hankering to buy.

I did buy a bathing suit on sale, by the way. Here's hoping somehow the way it looks on the size 2 model somehow interpolates to my body. UPS says it could be here tomorrow. Salads for today!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Framing some pastels

For a show at the Art Gallery at Patriot Place, I had two of my recent pastels framed.

My almost-four-year-old Lucy took this photo. I rather like it! Nice work, hon.

I brought them to Julie at Gallery9/Custom Art Framing where I work. Her selection of ready made frames is really great. I knew she'd have just what I needed and in stock.

Here's Lucy at the shop

The frame must have made it look great because the pastel has sold. Hurray!

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck, MARSH VIEW, original pastel 16x12"

Here is the piece in the gallery, along with two of my students, and Neponset Valley Artists, Nancy Bacevich and Haydi Hurley.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Officially summer

It's officially summer -- my favorite! Being outside painting while my girls play in the yard is a pure delight.

©Kim Morin Weineck - MARSH CEDARS on easel

Lately I've been productive, too. Today I was outside working for around an hour when the rain started. Drat. As my neighbor pointed out, now we don't have to water our gardens! Time to take care of other my blog!

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 16x12"

Here are two recent works, both 12x9" and both in pastel. I am experimenting with new techniques. The verdict is still out on whether I like the results. Seems fussy. Finding the balance between fussy and loose is my goal. We'll see how I do this summer with that!

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 16x12"

On a personal note, last week I lost my dear grandmother, who quietly passed in her sleep in her own bed at the wonderful age of 93. I discovered some delightful photos while looking for some for a photo board to be displayed at the wake.

Finally I'm getting the courage up to do some figurative work. Between some of the gems I found and my own two young girlies in day-to-day silliness, I have no dearth of material!

Professionally I'm thinking about ways to increase traffic to my facebook page, Kim Morin Weineck's Art. I think a giveaway is in order. More on this soon.

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