Considering taking a class or workshop?
I'm honored to share with you some testimonials from my students about my instruction:

"Kim Weineck provides an exuberant and deeply supportive teaching style to students. Her classes have a fun atmosphere and she is very available to assisting each artist's style in the way she visits our easels quite frequently throughout the class. She is very gentle with critique and helps new artists feel very safe. I can feel quite relaxed and then adventurous with my art in Kim's classes. I especially appreciate how she helps me to discover what my vision was with a piece as she prods me to fine-tune some amorphous and muddy approaches to then bring out what I actually was trying to depict."   -a student working in pastels

"Kim has contagious enthusiasm for art that rubs off on all her students.  Easy to approach for questions and advice.  Often will walk by unnoticed while I am thinking about a 'problem' with a painting and imparts a little wisdom that makes me think, 'Why didn't I think of that?' " -a student of oil painting 

"I love being a student in Kim's classes. She is a very good teacher and guides you to improve in your own style instead of advising you to work in her style. She wants each artist to develop what they need to be successful in their work. She always gives good tips and advice and super critiques at the end of class."  -a pastel and oil painter

"I am getting so much out of the experience of working along side so many talented and fun people. Kim makes the evening fly by with you artistic references and interjections on all types of art relative to the group's work.  Kim has a great eye for color and detail and my work has benefited greatly from her critiques. Looking forward to her upcoming workshop in Vermont!"
-a student gifted in all mediums working primarily in acrylics 

is helpful with citing references or examples to look at,
is willing to demonstrate and share new supplies and techniques,
has a good network of artistic contacts and support,
is very supportive and nurturing of her students'  talent and efforts,
takes her art very seriously and is very productive and organized,
effectively uses critique after every class as a learning tool,
prods the reluctant artist along their path to confidence,
is generous with her time and talent."   -a student of pastel and oil

"When I first began my journey into the world of art, I was true beginner with no experience or training and could not 'see' anything until I met Kim.  As a teacher, Kim has encouraged me to not be afraid to try a new medium or technique.  Her classes and workshops are well-planned and I have benefited greatly from her knowledge."  -an oil, pastel, and watercolor painter who has studied with me the longest

"In my years of classes with Kim, I have always found her to be a talented and creative instructor. She is a skilled artist in multiple media and is at ease working with students of  all abilities. Her classes take place in a comfortable, non-threatening and fun environment where students are challenged to grow.  Each class ends with a review of the class work where positive, yet, constructive criticism is given to each individual student and everyone can profit from the comments. This is a very important aspect of Kim's approach and technique.  We always have time for "critique"." -an artist proficient in many mediums

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