Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 28 :: BLUE COAT :: #30in30 Painting a Day Challenge

by Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 6x6"

$125 + $8 shipping

This month has been something else. Knowing I have a 6x6" to paint every day has been quite important to me. Can I find the words to say how? Let me try.

For years now, since I became a happy mom (eldest cutie is now eight) my painting time is different than at any time before children. Since having children, my attention has been multi-focused and scattered. My short time in the studio had a specific motive. Instead of painting to paint, I was painting to "get something in" during a nap. Rather than take on a challenge or consider trying something that I felt could be a good painting with work and development, I'd focus on the subjects I could do with ease. I loved painting salt marshes and hay bales because I was good at painting them.

If I could find the time to paint, I felt I had to spend that time taking on something I could do well (and hopefully sell.) During this time I felt there was no room for error. If I had two hours to paint (and neglect the jobs I had/house/laundry/dishes/groceries/etc etc) I had better make art that was good and would sell. I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I also put a lot of constrictions.

Now both children are in school. After a long while (that also flew by) I have TIME. The truth in that statement is that I have no excuses.

On my desk, in a box, is a hefty pile of mediocre photographs I took (and had printed out!) with the intent to make beautiful paintings of them. This pile grew for years. In the midst of the #30in30 this month I have started working from that pile. Can you imagine how good that feels?

This studied portrait I'm posting today was one in the pile. The photo was taken a couple of years ago, when I saw my friend's beautiful daughter in her gorgeous blue coat standing in the doorway of our happy old house. The light was bisecting the composition just perfectly. I was smitten with the idea of painting her. We shared a silly moment when I asked if I could take her photo and staged her to return to her previous pose.

I don't know if anyone else will like this piece as much as I do. It's a figure, and that's not my strong suit (yet) and the less confident marks show. Even though I know this is my friend's daughter, there's something about her in this painting that could be anyone. I love how she came out, looking just like her but a little wiser and older than in the reference.

Part of this #30in30 process has been showing artistic vulnerability. I'm posting pieces that aren't all salt marshes (only three have been, so far) and have pushed me in new ways. It's been scary, exhilarating at times, and freeing.

Thanks for reading! -kmw

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