Monday, February 27, 2012

Walpole Public Library display

My painting group, the Neponset Valley Artists, will be the first to exhibit at the new Walpole Public Library. 

This is quite an honor and I'm thrilled for my group.

An assortment of NVA artwork at the Walpole Public Library.
My pastels are the small square ones flanking the skyscape. 

This photo is only a snippet of what is shown at the library. If you're local to Walpole, MA, please stop by. The unofficial opening is on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

Here's a close up of the two pieces I included in the show:

Kim Morin Weineck (c)2012 BIKE REST, original pastel, 6x6"

Kim Morin Weineck (c)2012 BACKLIT AUTUMN, original pastel, 6x6"

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Demonstration photos

My recent demo for the Taunton Art Association was such a great experience.

I nearly completed two paintings of the same scene employing two different strategies. One was painted directly on a toned sanded surface. The other had an underpainting of pastel washed with alcohol on a white sanded board. Both were such fun to paint, but the second with the underpainting felt more resolved to me at the end of the 2-hour demo.

Taunton Art Association photo of my demonstration in pastel 

Try as I might, I don't often get photos of me in progress because I'm busy painting and trying to give a good demo. Today I luckily found these two photos on Taunton Art Association's website.

Taunton Art Association photo of me doing something I don't remember.
My pastel looks pretty good, though. ;)

Frankly, they crack me up - that's me in action!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Art Demonstration Feb 13, 2012

The Taunton Art Association has asked me to again come to their monthly meeting and perform a demonstration for them. It's always such fun for me to share some insight about how I create my artwork, and I have been excited for this demo since they asked me months ago!

Kim Morin Weineck, BRANT POINT ROSES, original pastel (c) 2011
created by direct painting on Sennelier Pastel Card

In October I demonstrated for the Foxboro Art Association and really stretched myself doing four quick studies in 2 hours on four different pastel surfaces. Each behaves so differently, and I wanted to showcase the pros and cons of each. After the four sketches I was exhausted but in the best possible way!

For the Taunton demo I'm going to paint the same picture two times using direct painting on Sennelier Pastel Card and with and underpainting using mounted UArt sanded paper. I think the techniques showcase the most dramatic differences and the end results will excite the artists in attendance.

If you're local to Taunton, do try to come. 7-9pm. It'll be fun, I promise.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fruit studies

 Recently I posted about some time spent painting with my girls. We did have such fun.

Kim Morin Weineck, APPLE, 7x5" mixed media (c)2012

I had been jonesing to do some watercolor and experimenting, so I took this as the perfect opportunity to try.

Kim Morin Weineck, PEAR, 5x7" mixed media (c)2012
In person, these pieces really look different because of the translucent, iridescent, and opaque materials used in combination. In this pear piece the red-violet striations seem to hover over the cobalt blue wash. 

Kim Morin Weineck, STRAWBERRY, 7x5" mixed media (C)2012
This strawberry was my first painting of our session and I like it best. I also painted from a sweet little real strawberry that Pippa kept asking me to eat. Too funny. Making little strokes with my paintbrush gave Lucy some ideas of her own. 

Lucy Weineck, STRAWBERRY TWO WAYS, mixed media (c)2012

Cool, right? Here are two watercolors by Lucy. The top right is a 'quick study, Momma," and then the other is her interpretation of the marks I was making. This little gem of my 4-year-old's work is now hanging in our kitchen. You know that Lucy couldn't be prouder.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Neponset Valley Artists

Nearly 10 years ago I started teaching a talented group of artists-in-training and many of them have continued in their studies and become flourishing artists outright.

This group developed into the Neponset Valley Artists, and I'm so proud of all of them and their diligence in pursuing their art.

You can read more about them on their blog, Neponset Valley Artists.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two accepted paintings

Recently I decided to enter a juried show and submitted two recently completed pieces for consideration. 

Many of my painting group, the Neponset Valley Artists, were entering as well. With such support, it was easy to take a shot at it and enter. 
LAST LIGHT, original pastel by
Kim Morin Weineck, 9x12" (c) January 2012
The good news came on Thursday with an email coming informing me that my two entries were accepted. 

The show is sponsored by the Norfolk Cultural Council and will be in the community room of the Norfolk Public Library from March 3-31st with an opening reception on Saturday, March 10th from 5-7pm. This is such a fantastic venue, and I can't wait to see the all the paintings that were selected. 
RISING MOON, original pastel by
Kim Morin Weineck, 9x12" (c) January 2012
If you're local to the area, stop in during the month of March to see some stellar paintings! 

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Painting with my girls

 My girls wanted to paint yesterday and I was happy to oblige.

Pippa painting and having a stellar time of it. 
I had set us up on the dining room table - the biggest table in the house in the brightest room at the time of day - to make a mess of creative fun.

My pear painting in progress
My silver flatware caddy full of colored pencils.
I do love how this looks: a veritable bouquet! 

In my classes, I'd been discussing recently how it's fun to look at a painting where the artist 'let themselves go" and have fun creating the painting. This is oddly such an easy concept to think of by takes practice to actually do (and doesn't that seem counter-intuitive!)

My strawberry painting study in watercolor and mixed media.
The little cup is by a local potter, Lisa W B Walker. Love it! 

Part of this process is to be free enough to experiment, accept that each piece isn't a winner, and to use various materials. In such rare cases more is better. In this case for my fruit studies, I feel that more is better! It's a blend of design, composition, and rendering your object. 

The dining room table toward the end of our painting extravaganza

The Weineck girls had a fun afternoon and I pushed myself a bit. I also got to use up all the IKEA clip frames I had had in my basement studio for I think at least 8 years.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trio of new works

This week I squeezed in some time to complete these three small pastels.

©2012 Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 6x6"
 I used Nupastels and Sennelier pastels on Sennelier Pastel Card with some of the new Richeson Semi-hard pastels which had arrived by FedEx this week as well. Having new supplies really can be an impetus to make art. I couldn't wait to try them out!

©2012 Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 6x6"
The Richesons are lovely, but there's a learning curve while I familiarize myself with their specific properties. Some of the colors thrill me and others I have to learn how to incorporate into use. 

©2012 Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 6x6"
It's fun to explore new materials and experiment with techniques. Can't wait to find some more time to keep up the exploration!