Sunday, July 17, 2011

In process on the patio

Before I get to the nitty-gritty of this post - the winner of my giveaway was Noreen Taranto. Congratulations, Noreen! And for those who did not win: worry not! New ideas are stewing on giveaways and more. Stay tuned!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and Tim took the girls food shopping so I could get some painting in. I set up on the patio. Ahhhh. There's no feeling like starting a new piece!

I have a bunch of pastel sets and no really great way to transport/hold/store them right now. Yesterday I was leafing through Pastel Journal and found an article on just this topic. Some research is in my future!

When I work with pastel I start at the top and work down, generally. I end up working a lot of the piece later in the process. You can sort of see in these two photos the dotted marks I make on my surface to get started. It's like a composition map in dots.

Here's the piece nearly completed. I like the light I've got going on here. I see some problems with the treeline and some of the color choices so I'll be correcting that today - hopefully on the patio again! Tim came home with a slip 'n slide for the girls and I'm setting that up right after I finish this entry.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Processing the day trips

The past few day trips have given me lots of visual input for future paintings. I've been looking at recent photos and sketches and processing how I'll use what I've seen and learned.

These photos from First Encounter Beach in Eastham, MA are inspiring to me. How would I paint these grasses? Green is an intimidating color, to say the very least about green.

This photo of the beach is great on it's own - those umbrellas are such an array of color on the sand. Of course I like it because of how it captures Pippa matching Tim's striding posture. Pretty amusing how heredity manifests.

I've a file of paintings I look at periodically. Here are some that pertain to what I'm writing about in this post.

This painting, Rain on the Other Side by Kate Huntington is great. What a beach crowd! Oh, that I had the money to buy something of hers!

And here's Light Beyond the Marsh by Donald Demers. That's how to paint light, isn't it?

How about this little gem by Frank Gardner called Little House in Wellfleet? I think we drove by this house on our trip! A wonderful example of quick, perfect decisions. The darks are rich. The lights are luminous. The brushstrokes are active. Like I said, a little gem.

So now I just need the time to paint. In the meantime, I'm processing all the visual input awaiting the resultant output. We'll see how that goes!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day tripping in July

We've been a busy traveling family and here is an assortment of photos from our various destinations.
First Encounter Beach in Eastham, MA is a great beach for children. At low tide, it's an amazing playground of water, hermit crabs, and sand. Tim looks a little overwhelmed at the scope of the beach.
Here is a photo of Tim and Pippa in the dune path on their way to the water at First Encounter.

This week we also had a day trip to Boston! The girls loved the Swan Boats.

We took the girls to Fenway Park and Lucy got a hat.

I learned that I teach some martial arts classes and am a Grand Master!

Just today we went to Buttonwood Zoo in New Bedford, MA. They have a great animal-centered carousel. Pippa and Lucy love this zoo.

While we were at my in-laws' home, the girls loved playing at their dinner table. So cute. So busy.

Tonight I'm on my way to teach. Can't take a vacation from my wonderful students!!
When I get back I'm going to post the winner of my giveaway. Stay tuned....

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Art festival review

Saturday was hot and humid. My booth looked good for all my anxiety about what to expect. I did learn I need a canopy should I do this next year. What a way to start my first outdoor art festival - I was melting!!

A melting me posing with my visiting girls who also are melting

My mom came early (thank you, Mom) and helped set up the booth. Interestingly enough, my mom's cousin was helping his girlfriend set up her booth right next to mine. It's such a small world, isn't it?

Pippa and my Mom. Like Pippa's wave?

Here is the display, complete with two rigged umbrellas to somewhat protect the artwork. The golf umbrella is being held in our cooler of water and ice. I dehydrated a bit for not wanting to disturb the delicate MacGuyver-like rigging of the 'umbrella stand.'

My booth. Whew! All set up.

My mother-in-law had the girls for the day and brought them by for a visit. Lucy partook of the face painting and delighted in showing off her kitty.

It really was hot. I'm not quite exaggerating about the dehydration. My mother-in-law thoughtfully had brought another cooler with water and Fresca when she visited with the girls. Everything was drank in around five minutes!

I think Pippa was melting here.

Lucy still showing me her kitty with her origami project and Pippa.

Here is the booth right before take-down. A lot of empty spaces because I had a lot of sales!

Time to pack up for the day!

What wonderful people came to this show. I enjoyed talking to everyone, met the best art collectors, and the day was a wonderful success. What relief for having the first festival behind me. Whew!

Many sales - Hurray!

And additional thanks to my mom. What a day she put in with me. We melted together and made some more happy memories. Love you!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Nothing ventured nothing gained

Recently I had some prints made of this pastel of Bird Island Lighthouse in Marion, MA I did a while back which belongs to my mother-in-law.

Soon I'll be picking up the few I had framed, matted, and packaged for sale at the Marion Art Center's annual Arts in the Park festival tomorrow. The fact that the festival is tomorrow is keeping me up at night with thoughts of everything yet to do.

Having never participated in a show like this I'm not sure what to expect, so I'm taking lots of gambles. How many times can I chant, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained"? Not enough, evidently. It's become my show preparation motto!

If you're in the Marion, MA area, come to the festival! It'll be a great time!!
And if you haven't entered the giveaway yet, make sure you get on that!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A giveaway!


In an effort to publicize my artwork, I thought a giveaway was in order! A week from today I'll be selecting someone to receive this painting.

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck, SPRING MARSH , original pastel 7x5" framed
A small favorite of mine which looks even better live and in person.
Here it waits on my desk for its new owner!

What do you have to do?

Easy peasy!

Comment on my blog and mention your favorite subject for a painting:
landscape, portrait, still life, abstract, or something else you just love.
(Only one comment per entrant, please. )
***For those who aren't registered to comment, I've changed settings now as to allow anonymous posters. Just tell me your name and email address in case you win!***

Follow my blog publicly for another chance.

For another entry, 'like' my Facebook page, Kim Morin Weineck's Art. All new 'likers' will be entered to win again! (If you already are a fan, please use any of the below options to enter.)

Post on Kim Morin Weineck's Art's Facebook wall for an additional entry.

Finally, if you are on Twitter, follow me @kimweineck and you'll get another chance at the painting.

Five possible chances! Pretty neat. Please help me get the word out. Share the love!

This giveaway includes shipping within the 48 contiguous US states only. Should someone win internationally or in AK or HI, they can certainly opt to pay for shipping. All rights reserved. The painting is the property of the new owner, but the artist maintains rights to publishing its image, etc. etc. Winner assumes responsibility for any damage occurring during shipment. Let's keep this easy! Thanks!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hectic but lovely

Hectic but lovely - that is how I'd describe these past few weeks.

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck, MARSH CEDARS, original pastel 16x12" Sold!

Summer is in its glory and has taken me along for its ride through scents of honeysuckle and roses in bloom during early morning photo safaris capturing the soft, pink light of the start of day.

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck, MARSH WATER, original pastel 16x12"
This sold recently, too. Hurray!

I recently sold three of my newest series of 16x12" pastels to a collector.

What a positive jolt that was! Painting in the past was about speed, and now I'm deliberately trying to slow down and be more deliberate and pensive about choices I make during the process, and while at it, I'm learning a lot.

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck, MARSH DUNE, original pastel 16x12"
I love the space in this pastel painting.

I've been painting when possible and hunting out new references and painting spots. What fun!

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck, BEACH PATH, original pastel 16x12"
Another of the sold paintings. Hurray again!

This Saturday, weather-permitting, is the Arts in the Park art festival in Marion, MA. My delightful in-laws live in Marion and I'm really taken with their hometown. Talk about inspiration in the landscape! Of course, this is my first-ever festival, so I'm petrified - just a little bit petrified.

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck, MARSH GRASSES AND GREENS, original pastel 16x12"
Yes, this photo is taken in my kitchen next to the stove. It was where I could find the best light. Ha!

Sometimes that scary feeling of doing something new gets you to push yourself to a new place. Working toward something often gets me to experiment, too. I feel that with this new series of work.

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck, MORNING AT THE POINT, original pastel 16x12"
Still in process, this pastel is what I worked on yesterday while my mom watched the girls.

And my photo safaris have been fruitful. Here are two shots from some early morning walks.

We also celebrated Lucy's 4th birthday, with Pippa's second just around the corner, too. It's certainly as I described - hectic but lovely.

Ahhh. Summer.

Thanks for reading!