Sunday, July 17, 2011

In process on the patio

Before I get to the nitty-gritty of this post - the winner of my giveaway was Noreen Taranto. Congratulations, Noreen! And for those who did not win: worry not! New ideas are stewing on giveaways and more. Stay tuned!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and Tim took the girls food shopping so I could get some painting in. I set up on the patio. Ahhhh. There's no feeling like starting a new piece!

I have a bunch of pastel sets and no really great way to transport/hold/store them right now. Yesterday I was leafing through Pastel Journal and found an article on just this topic. Some research is in my future!

When I work with pastel I start at the top and work down, generally. I end up working a lot of the piece later in the process. You can sort of see in these two photos the dotted marks I make on my surface to get started. It's like a composition map in dots.

Here's the piece nearly completed. I like the light I've got going on here. I see some problems with the treeline and some of the color choices so I'll be correcting that today - hopefully on the patio again! Tim came home with a slip 'n slide for the girls and I'm setting that up right after I finish this entry.

Thanks for reading!

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