Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 36 :: WINTER NIGHT :: original pastel by KMW , 6x6"

by Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 6x6"

Late this past winter, I visited a farmer friend in Vermont. She took me on the best ride through her neck of the woods. It was late afternoon when we departed, and as we toured the area the sun went down, dusk settled in, and twilight quickly followed. During those months darkness comes early and so quickly.

There's a magic hour that artists refer to about the light at day's end. In the winter this time is so true to its name. The light dances on things in an enchanted way. The trees I painted appear cold silver against some warmer small trees that were catching the golden light perfectly.

As we came down the small mountain, I stopped the car to take a photo, my friend laughing at the tourist-stereotype-ness of it all. "You know, we all laugh at how people do this here: Stop the car and get out to take photos." And then her friend drove by and was laughing at me standing next to my car in the middle of the road taking photos. What a fun, silly moment. The image I captured. The timing of her friend driving by. The fun we were having. All of it.

And now I love my painting from that moment. Darks are difficult to capture in painting. Sennelier used to sell a great set of darks, and I used them to great effect here. The original piece shows more of the variation from warm to cool, deepest maroon to most intense navy.

So much is happening in my studio right now! I've been talking to someone about art licensing and have a fun idea that had been percolating now getting fleshed out on some illustration board (exciting!). Open Studio is coming up this Friday and Saturday to show my #30in30 for September. It's been something else to figure out how to display the work (30 paintings is a lot.) On Friday, November 6, I have an opening at Gallery9, Norwood, MA. It's an annual show I do. I am going to have to look back and see how many years it's been now. Fun times, for sure!

Thanks for reading! Until tomorrow -kmw

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