Sunday, September 3, 2017

Daily Painting Sept 2017 :: No. 3 of 30

With each painting I learn new things - it's the best way to paint. The space in a painting is different than photographs, and it's fun to be the one manipulating the space by playing with color, line, and composition.
Daily Painting No. 3 of 30
3x3" original oil
This is the third in the imagined landscape of the English countryside. I love this palette! I'm having fun.

Daily Painting No. 3 of 30
3x3" oil on 5x7" oil paper

Happy Anniversary to me and Tim today, too. Happiness happiness! And keeping it short in the blog department. Stuff to do and fun to be had -- the benefits of anniversaries on holiday weekends :)

Thanks for reading! (Hope to see you again tomorrow) ~kmw

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