Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day #20 :: BLUE NIGHT:: January Daily Painting Challenge

by Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 6x6"
$125 + $8 shipping

Another night I wish I could have offered a painting rain check -- the girls are sick and now I am, but that was certainly bound to happen.

Tonight's painting is an idea that has been kicking around since Christmas Eve when we visited my in-laws for a wonderful family party. This Christmastide was downright balmy, with temperatures unseasonably warm. That night, on the ocean, the fog hung low. The night was a color I'd not seen before. The effect of fuzzy silhouettes struck my perpetual-painting-viewfinder eyes as completely and utterly captivating. Again, I took a fuzzy (this time TOTALLY fuzzy) iPhone photo and made shape and color notes on a cocktail napkin as well as a quick notan study. 

When I studied in Brittany, France the light always struck me. It was different - warm, subtle, deep. The sun set at 10:30 and night didn't fall until after 11pm. The streetlights all went out at 11pm. It was so strange! I remember learning the phases of the moon to figure if I needed to bring my flashlight for the walk home in the dark. When I'd forget to bring a light, my eyes would adjust and scenes like this painting were always in front of me. 

What fun it was to make this painting tonight, in this tight color and value range, and be channeled back to the streets of Pont-Aven, France for that impressionable summer of making art and friends and solidifying the person I am now. Funny what art can do!

Of course this piece was such trouble to scan and color correct. In person the color is a warm, purple-blue. I love it. The telephone poles, the silhouetted cedars, oaks, and other abstract shapes transport me: Christmas Eve night and that summer in France simultaneously. What art can do! 

Thanks for reading! ~kmw  

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