Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Day 7 :: RIVER VIEW :: September Daily Paintings

original pastel, 6x6"
©2016 Kim Morin Weineck

Today I set out to make a painting early and completed this view from the same spot as yesterday's painting. Marshes make me happy and, since I have been feeling a bit wiped out, why not embrace what I do love to paint? 

What do you think? A whole #30in30 of marsh views? I would simply love to do that. Thirty of the same view but taking chances with colors and marks. Hmmm. Food for thought, surely. Marla Baggetta made 100 variations of a same landscape. I was quite inspired by her when I first found this blog post years ago. Would it hold interest (mine and yours?) I wonder....

original acrylic, 18x18"
©2016 Kim Morin Weineck
The pastel was fun to paint, as usual. The colors are exciting to select. SO MANY GREENS! And when I tackle a subject like this SO MANY BLUES (and for both instances: never the right one). A challenge today is to paint something along the lines of yesterday and make it a painting in its own right. It's difficult not to look too much to yesterday.

The acrylic was also fun -- as opposed to yesterday's angst-ridden marsh scene. I was approaching acrylic painting the same way day in day out. Finally I had to tell myself: If nothing changes - NOTHING CHANGES. I held my brush differently and mixed colors differently. The acrylic always comes first in my daily painting regimen. Maybe I stop doing them? So many questions today!

 PRICING NOTE:  I am taking this challenge to heart and taking risks. The work created is a labor of love and learning. For this #30in30 challenge my pieces are experiments and priced accordingly. Each piece is A BARGAIN at only $50 ($10 shipping if you're not local) rather than $125 for my usual gallery-worthy work. Only my pastels will be available at this time. Email to purchase. Of course, thank you! 

Thanks for reading! ~kmw

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