Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 11 :: QUIET :: September Daily Paintings

original pastel, 6x6"

©2016 Kim Morin Weineck
The theme for my daily paintings seems to be "If nothing changes, nothing changes" and forcing myself to make changes. 

Today those changes worked out for me. I came into the studio knowing I'd be working on a marsh and wanting to mix it up. Less marks and more defined lights and darks have been on my "I wish..." list for too long now. 

original acrylic, 18x18"

©2016 Kim Morin Weineck
Do I like the acrylic more than the pastel? I think I do! The underpainting for this piece was full of movement and I tried to keep that same feeling even after paint was layered on top.

Today is a difficult historical day. Art is a wonderful way to slowly process anxiety and a jumble of feelings. It was a welcome time for me to have on a somber anniversary.

PRICING NOTE:  I am taking risks with this challenge. The work created is about learning and  my pieces are experiments and priced accordingly. Each piece is A BARGAIN at only $50 ($10 shipping if you're not local) rather than $125 for my usual gallery-worthy work. Only my pastels will be available at this time. Email to purchase. Of course, thank you! 

Thanks for reading! ~ kmw

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