Friday, July 15, 2011

Processing the day trips

The past few day trips have given me lots of visual input for future paintings. I've been looking at recent photos and sketches and processing how I'll use what I've seen and learned.

These photos from First Encounter Beach in Eastham, MA are inspiring to me. How would I paint these grasses? Green is an intimidating color, to say the very least about green.

This photo of the beach is great on it's own - those umbrellas are such an array of color on the sand. Of course I like it because of how it captures Pippa matching Tim's striding posture. Pretty amusing how heredity manifests.

I've a file of paintings I look at periodically. Here are some that pertain to what I'm writing about in this post.

This painting, Rain on the Other Side by Kate Huntington is great. What a beach crowd! Oh, that I had the money to buy something of hers!

And here's Light Beyond the Marsh by Donald Demers. That's how to paint light, isn't it?

How about this little gem by Frank Gardner called Little House in Wellfleet? I think we drove by this house on our trip! A wonderful example of quick, perfect decisions. The darks are rich. The lights are luminous. The brushstrokes are active. Like I said, a little gem.

So now I just need the time to paint. In the meantime, I'm processing all the visual input awaiting the resultant output. We'll see how that goes!

Thanks for reading!

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