Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting ready for Easter

Until I can get to my art supplies and studio space I won't be posting new artwork. Instead, here are some photos from yesterday. It was drizzly rain all day, and we entertained ourselves in sundry ways.

Happy Pippa

Our trip to JoAnn's for some new fabric reminded me to find our Easter tree decorations in the basementand have a little decorating party with the girls. This was no easy feat with all the new boiler stuff going on down there - but I succeeded!

Our forced forsythia came in handy as Pippa and Lucy and I enjoyed hanging the eggs, bunnies, and chicks on them. Pippa couldn't quite get the ornaments on the branches, but her enthusiasm was evident.
Here's a small stack of fabrics designed by my favorite, Denyse Schmidt, for my stash from JoAnn's. I'm so glad I saw their Easter decorations for sale and then found ours!

There's the little purse I made in another Denyse Schmidt fabric - I love her aesthetic!

After our Easter decorating, it was a pretty low-key day with naps, movies, and some reading.

Pippa loves her big sister's bed. She snuggled up in it even after her nap in her crib!

happy Lucy eating chocolate chips

And later in the afternoon I learned that this painting at sold at Gallery9. This one looks better in person than what you see here. I really loved this one.

©2010 Kim Morin Weineck
pastel, 36x12"

I have started wondering if when it'll look like this at my favorite marsh again - our spring has been so cold. Brrrr.
Until later!

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  1. How jealous am I that painting was sold to someone? I really need to get my act - and my checkbook - in order and get a few of your paintings!!