Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

I've told all the members of the Neponset Valley Artists that they need to take advantage of this stellar program from the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod - so take heed, local artists in Massachusetts and nearby environs!

Quoting from the AFCC website: "The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod is the region's designated arts agency, ensures the vibrancy of our cultural community by supporting, promoting, celebrating and strengthening the arts throughout the year."

Sounds good, right? I thought it did.

Of course they offer various levels of membership. I recently became an "Artist Member." The benefits to Artist Membership are great! For only $30 I have another web presence, single-time admission to a zillion (I counted) art-related venues on Cape Cod with their "Passport to the Arts", and a free, round trip flight to Nantucket on Cape Air.

This last one may bear repeating: A free, round-trip flight to Nantucket on Cape Air, a great AFCC sponsor. Wow! And artists, I don't at all need to mention the treasure trove of inspiration Nantucket is for artists. The flight is a crazy experience, too. Usually the trip to Nantucket is HOURS on a boat. Fifteen minutes by air beats that any day!

Looking forward to hearing from some of you that you joined!
Thanks for reading! kmw

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