Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A day in the life

When it comes to creativity, I've described myself like a fountain - I'm either on and creating new paintings left and right, just sprinkling out of me, or I'm off and the well has run dry.

Lucy at my studio desk, a happy little pose.

The good news is that the fountain is off because I can't get to my studio to even get materials if I wanted to. Our boiler died recently and so, early this week, we had a new one installed.

Lucy at my desk, a more 'Lucy' type pose.

Our 70-year-old former boiler was our basement behemoth, huge and inefficient and gave the basement a warm coziness not in most basements. The remnants of our boiler are still down there, awaiting dismantling later today and a trip to the scrap yard.

You don't get a good sense of scale from this photo.
Trust me. It's massive!

We know the dismantling will be a sooty mess so clean up hasn't started in earnest. Things are behind plastic and it's just not pretty. I like things to look pretty; I'm an artist.

My desk is right behind there and so are all my supplies. Sigh. Shop vac is at the ready.

Look how tidy the new system is! Nice work, Bill and Jeff!
What work it was to install. I commented that plumbers must have
beefy arms and they said they just had big wrenches.

Since I was in the basement taking photos, I figured I'd snap some from the main floor of our house, too. It's like a little tour. There really isn't that much to say about these pictures, except that they make me happy.

The dolls I made are Pippa, me, and Lucy. We dance with them.
Forcing forsythia makes me happy, too.
Dianne Panarelli Miller did the painting of Beacon Hill . I love that painting.

Since our girls are so little we don't have a lot of stuff or things displayed too low. Where I can put stuff, I do.

I obviously love kitchen utensils. My mom I'm sure influenced me.
She graduated culinary school summa cum laude when I was in third grade.

I'll post photos of some art I create soon - I hope!
Thanks for reading.

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