Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coming soon: five blog posts of note

I read recently that there are five blog posts that every artist should write.

Feel free to link over to the website and read what was said or continue reading here for my synopsis.

1. How you became an artist.
2. Your specialty and why you chose it.
3. The story behind a piece of art.
4. Your inspiration.
5. Your creative process.

Wow. These are some pretty heady topics and ones that will be fun to answer.

One thing I've learned is that nothing really should be taken as a 'given' because everyone is approaching life from different perspectives. We're all bringing different things to the table.

When teaching, I would often use the word "just" as in, "Well, you just paint it like that" or "You just paint in the grass there." There really isn't any place for 'just' in this context. Students aren't in my head and sometimes it may be more than 'just' doing something. It warrants explanation.

And these concepts for blog posting deserve explanation, too. I can't say I'm going to post them in order as listed here, but I'm going to discuss all five of them.

Stay tuned!

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