Friday, February 10, 2012

Painting with my girls

 My girls wanted to paint yesterday and I was happy to oblige.

Pippa painting and having a stellar time of it. 
I had set us up on the dining room table - the biggest table in the house in the brightest room at the time of day - to make a mess of creative fun.

My pear painting in progress
My silver flatware caddy full of colored pencils.
I do love how this looks: a veritable bouquet! 

In my classes, I'd been discussing recently how it's fun to look at a painting where the artist 'let themselves go" and have fun creating the painting. This is oddly such an easy concept to think of by takes practice to actually do (and doesn't that seem counter-intuitive!)

My strawberry painting study in watercolor and mixed media.
The little cup is by a local potter, Lisa W B Walker. Love it! 

Part of this process is to be free enough to experiment, accept that each piece isn't a winner, and to use various materials. In such rare cases more is better. In this case for my fruit studies, I feel that more is better! It's a blend of design, composition, and rendering your object. 

The dining room table toward the end of our painting extravaganza

The Weineck girls had a fun afternoon and I pushed myself a bit. I also got to use up all the IKEA clip frames I had had in my basement studio for I think at least 8 years.

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