Monday, February 13, 2012

Fruit studies

 Recently I posted about some time spent painting with my girls. We did have such fun.

Kim Morin Weineck, APPLE, 7x5" mixed media (c)2012

I had been jonesing to do some watercolor and experimenting, so I took this as the perfect opportunity to try.

Kim Morin Weineck, PEAR, 5x7" mixed media (c)2012
In person, these pieces really look different because of the translucent, iridescent, and opaque materials used in combination. In this pear piece the red-violet striations seem to hover over the cobalt blue wash. 

Kim Morin Weineck, STRAWBERRY, 7x5" mixed media (C)2012
This strawberry was my first painting of our session and I like it best. I also painted from a sweet little real strawberry that Pippa kept asking me to eat. Too funny. Making little strokes with my paintbrush gave Lucy some ideas of her own. 

Lucy Weineck, STRAWBERRY TWO WAYS, mixed media (c)2012

Cool, right? Here are two watercolors by Lucy. The top right is a 'quick study, Momma," and then the other is her interpretation of the marks I was making. This little gem of my 4-year-old's work is now hanging in our kitchen. You know that Lucy couldn't be prouder.

Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Love these. I love the addition of text to the composition. Lucy's are too cute