Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Demonstration photos

My recent demo for the Taunton Art Association was such a great experience.

I nearly completed two paintings of the same scene employing two different strategies. One was painted directly on a toned sanded surface. The other had an underpainting of pastel washed with alcohol on a white sanded board. Both were such fun to paint, but the second with the underpainting felt more resolved to me at the end of the 2-hour demo.

Taunton Art Association photo of my demonstration in pastel 

Try as I might, I don't often get photos of me in progress because I'm busy painting and trying to give a good demo. Today I luckily found these two photos on Taunton Art Association's website.

Taunton Art Association photo of me doing something I don't remember.
My pastel looks pretty good, though. ;)

Frankly, they crack me up - that's me in action!

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