Saturday, July 28, 2012

At a local art show

Tonight I went to an art show at the Preservation Framer and Gallery, a perfect local gallery in my home town.

An assortment of work at the Preservation Framer
including Christopher Flanagan and
Sarah Brousseau (column and right)

Rob and Matt do such a great job with their shop and their shows. What a wonderful curated collection of Non-Representational work this was! 

Fred Smilde's work at the Preservation Framer

People braved biblical rains to attend, and I had fun meeting the artists and engaging in wonderful conversation about the art.

Matt Slobogan, Jason Hancock, and Fred Smilde's work at the Preservation Framer

What fun it was.  During the show I met the high school art teacher for North Attleboro, Christopher Flanagan. He was showing some of his paintings and earlier photos. His former student, Sarah Brousseau, was showing her work as well. How much fun is that?

The gallery hosts shows as well as an assortment of other artists' work on their opposite wall featuring something for every taste and budget. (I sound like an ad - but it's the truth!)

Lindsey Nygaard does wonderful paintings,
including these six  raven studies. 
When I walked in Rob was taking down a raven painting someone had just purchased.  

And this is my assortment of work. Seeing it together is makes me a bit excited.

An assortment of my paintings at the gallery
opposite the non-representational show
While I was grabbing some wine, Rob pointed out that one of my pieces had sold, an added bonus to a great night. 

If you're local to North Attleborough, make it a point to stop in to the downtown gallery.
Thanks for reading!

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