Monday, May 9, 2011

There's nothing like lilacs

It was a busy weekend here.

We hosted a Mother's Day breakfast which has been our tradition for the last five years. On Saturday Tim and my uncle also installed replacement windows upstairs. After six years in our house we can actually open the windows in our bedroom easily. Isn't airflow nice?

The colors of spring get me so happy and nothing is as wonderful as lilacs - my favorite flower on earth. There's a bush down the street in a parking lot which is my go-to spot for my lilac fix. Right now the house smells wonderfully of these happy flowers because we have four large bouquets scattered about.When I started bringing in the bouquets Tim said he said he could see I was in my glory, surrounded by all this fragrant purple.

We have a lilac bush out front but, try as I might to follow all directions for pruning to encourage a gazillion blooms, it's pretty lackluster. My solution this year is going to be neglect. Let's see next year how that works!

Feel free to leave a comment listing your favorite flower.
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