Saturday, February 20, 2016

Daily Painting posters available

Today I posted the last of the pastels of my #30in30 daily painting challenge for January. Doing a painting every day -- even if I don't do a 6x6" and post on my blog (I am always painting,drawing, and working) -- is such good creative exercise. I can feel myself getting more confident as I venture to new areas and expand my comfort zone.

I also went through the collection of pieces, blog posts, and Facebook entries and am humbled by the support I receive about my work. For those who comment and "like" and share their feelings about the paintings, I sincerely thank you.
January/February poster 11x17"
30in30 (c)2016 Kim Morin Weineck
available for $15 + shipping
to purchase

The poster is one of the best things about the #30in30 challenge. Seeing the pieces all together like this is such a feeling of accomplishment. Winter is one of my most difficult seasons. For January and much of February I learned that the colors of winter are gorgeous. The light is different and the colors are beautiful!

What I think gets to me the most about wintertime is the light. Time management is tricky generally, but in winter, time management problems seem to double for me. Sun setting at 4pm means I am ready for bed by 8pm. Geez! I don't honestly go to bed at 8pm, but I am not the productive self that I can be other times of the year.

Here is the poster from my September #30in30, the first one that I did. Gosh, it was fun.

September poster 11x17"
30in30 (c)2015 Kim Morin Weineck
available for $15 + shipping
email to purchase

If any artist out there is interested in taking on a Daily Painting challenge, please consider doing so. The benefits are many and your capacity to create is bigger and better than you may credit yourself for ;)

Thanks for reading! ~kmw

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  1. Nice work and all but, just what would I do with that ?