Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Foray into oils

Pastels are wonderful artist tools. The pigment in your hand can be wielded with aplomb, leaving streaks and strokes on the surface. Each stroke is clean and so telling. I love working with them. Often, though, I talk to people of oils and their luminous surface quality - so very beautiful. On our family vacation I brought oils and my pastels.

©2013 Kim Morin Weineck
original oils, each 6x6"
The pastel I worked on during vacation is still in process, but these four oils I can post now. They were fun to play with. It had been TOO LONG since I played with these buttery paints. All of these paintings need to be revisited and tweaked for various reasons, but I figured I'd show them now.

Value, color, design, composition -- with oil I have to remind myself to SLOW DOWN. It takes longer for me to develop all of the formal elements of a painting. Perhaps I'm a little out of practice (and that is something I'll correct!)

Can't wait to get back at the oils again soon!
Thanks for reading!! -kmw


  1. Loved your thumbnail on Aline Ordman's blog. So glad I found you!

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for visiting. Love Aline's work. Talk about inspirational! Take care, Kim