Monday, September 17, 2012

Embrace autumn?

Much of my posting extols the glory of summer. My goodness I'm such a summer girl!

Fall is pretty - of course it is - with its perfect weather, cool nights for easy sleeping, gorgeous pink light and beautiful clouds and colors. Wow. It's the oncoming decline in temperatures and the diminishing light which make me glum.

©2012 Kim Morin Weineckon easel
original pastel, 12x18

And then there's the season next on the horizon, but let's keep that in the ether for now. We can call that time of cold and snow 'the-season-that-shall-not-be-named.'

As a painter I cannot help but be inspired by this weather and color and change in the light. Last week I finished this piece.
©2012 Kim Morin Weineck
original pastel, 12x18"

While I worked on it while the girls were in school (a MAJOR change in my life's schedule) I thought about my autumn angst and some of it abated but only for a fleeting moment.

Thanks for reading! ~kmw

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