Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inspiring artwork

Sometimes I get in a bit of a lull in terms of making new art, especially after a spell of some intensive creation as I did this June through September. It's an odd feeling for me to be in the 'off' time.

To restart the idling engine, I figured I'd look through some inspiring work and share a few pieces here.

Painting by David Lussier.
I love the 'sparkle' in his loose plein air paintings. 

Autumn Pastel by Liz Haywood-Sullivan. 
Glorious marks in this piece! 

photo by Katy Elliot.
What an inspiring blog she has! 

Oil painting by Laurel Daniel.
I enjoy checking in often on her blog to see her latest work. 

Lisa Daria's daily paintings are wonderful, loose studies. I love them. 

Hope you enjoyed peeking through these artists/designers as much as I do.
Thanks for reading.

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