Thursday, September 15, 2011

Marshland path

Yesterday was spent on the patio working on a bunch of paintings that were unfinished and unresolved. I'm not sure if anything has gotten better or instead is just getting more muddled. Argh! Painting can really take you on a roller coaster!

Today's painting is a scene I have worked on a few different ways and sizes, both in oil and pastel. This manifestation is my favorite. Seems to me there's a great distance toward the water. I hope it appears that way to you, too!

©2011 Kim Morin Weineck
original oil, 8x8"
available at Gallery9, Oct 7, 2011

For inspiration I've been looking at a lot of artists' work lately. Check out David Lussier's page at the Harrison Gallery. In class I showed a few of his paintings on my phone's web browser. We were discussing the sparkle that he gets with well-placed 'random' marks. Gorgeous, really!

I'm hoping to get more time painting in today. And the fever to jump to pastels is imminent. Looking forward to making that change shortly. 

Thanks for reading!

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