Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Threshold paintings

Well, I've been painting a lot lately -and with oils. A strange feeling, those mushy, buttery blobs oil paints give me, especially when I've been working with clean, albeit dusty, sticks of pastel.

I'm excited about what I'm learning.

We've discussed this before when I'm critiquing the work of my students:
It seems that you plateau for a while and then there are advances. It's as though you crossed a threshold.

And so, I call these "threshold paintings" - not too original, yet terribly appropriate.

Lately, in working on my " 'Sconset Series" from Nantucket references and research, I'm feeling like I'm leaving a plateau. Will it be to another threshold? It will take some time to tell.

Let me take photos of them when I think they're officially done. Even this is a change for me. In the past I was all about production. Now I'm consciously trying to slow down and paint what I see the painting could become.

Quite the process, to say the least.

Thanks for reading!

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