Friday, August 12, 2011

Dusting off my oil paints

Painting for a show is a true motivator. Lately I'm working in oils for a show which opens September 2nd with a First Friday reception.

Here are the details:
Six artists,
Six paintings each artist,
Each painting is 6x6"

I'd been interested in painting something in a series, but felt stymied by this idea. Then, in a flash, it hit me - the perfect 'non-theme theme' - "What I did on my Summer Vacation."

I have five paintings begun. Two are mostly completed and I'm pleased with them. More than pleased. The other three have some work yet to be done.

Going to oil painting after all this time working in pastel was quite interesting. Pastel painting for me is quicker and the colors and application can be much cleaner. Four months of pastel painting alone made it feel for me like I was starting oils at square one. Argh!

Here is a bad, dark photo of the two that I like. The others are coming and there are figures in them. What? Me and the figure? Perhaps that is why I struggle. I'm desperately out of practice!!

And yes! There are six artists in this SIX PACK show:
Ann Gorbett, Polo Barrera, Steve Zafarana, Sue Zafarana, Mark Logue and Me!

Thanks for reading!

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