Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Continuing Education :: My 2nd Workshop with Deb Quinn-Munson

The Foxboro Art Association hosted a workshop with Deb Quinn-Munson Saturday, April 6, 2013 at Studio East, Walpole

Deb Quinn-Munson begins with an oil underpainting on
Wallis (or UART -- can't remember which) paper

Having attended last year's workshop, I was excited that Deb was invited back to lead a class focusing specifically on techniques for painting water.

Deb had great information to share about water like this quote by Don Demers: " Study the water until you understand what it looks like, then paint how it feels." It's fun to think about things like that.

Deb develops her watercolor underpainting
This was a new thing for me. I had no idea you could use watercolor
paper for a pastel painting. The heavy paper  grabs the pastel well,
even without a sanded ground. Learn something new every day!

Deb also discussed her "80/20 Guide" with us, asking us to consider this 80/20 ratio when making decisions regarding composition, shape, value, color, line, texture, and rhythm.

We have so much to think of when making good paintings. Often this is done intuitively, but Deb's insight encourages artists to slow down and consider the options for deliberate choices -- a smart thing to do, and one I certainly don't do enough.

The painting with the introduction of pastel shows lovely sparkle.

A few things Deb said have that continue to sit in my head:

*What will make someone walk across a room to see the painting? Of course you should choose the options that would do that!

*Think about elements in your painting playing specific roles. What is the lead? What is supporting the lead? Have these firmly decided and make marks/decisions that assist the roles.

Pastel painting by Deb Quinn-Munson -- what shimmer! 

As important as composition is, Deb mentioned that composition doesn't get credit for its role in good paintings. No one really says, "Wow! What composition in that painting!" The glory usually goes to color.

Workshop in full swing with everyone painting!

She encouraged us to be deliberate with our marks and to make bold, decisive paintings:
"You only get to hit it once -- maybe twice. That's it."

Here's the start to my painting. I was trying to be
deliberate and ended up a bit tortured at this stage. 

Right now my painting is leaning on my dining room chair rail so I can take it in at odd times of the day. I want to sit with it a bit more. When I'm content with it, I'll post it here on this blog.

Deb Quinn-Munson and I at the end of a great day

The day ended all too soon with creative juices flowing! Perhaps Deb will be invited yet again to instruct another aspect of pastel painting. I know I'd be signing up for it.

Thanks for reading! ~kmw

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  1. Looks like a great workshop and a great crowd. She sounds like a great teacher. Great all around.